Friday, May 30, 2008

Just call me Linda (Ellerbee)

And so it goes...

I am breathing, though just barely. I am learning my way around my job. I have a long way to go. Working with women is a new twist, and not necessarily a good one. Competition, hurt feelings, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. GAH. I will put an end to all of it once I know who's who and who's not. In the meantime, double GAH.

I am better today, I did sleep almost 6 hours last night. Next week, you all will be calling me Marriot, because I am off the land of hotelville. This is too much, my kitties and Mark will have to get along without me.

Yesterday, I realized I cannot continue in this manner when I poured coffee on my pancakes at the Birthday lunch I was having with Craig. I'm certain he won't let me (or anyone else) forget that for a long, long time. Good Heavens.

I miss all of you, and will get caught up on the weekend. In the meantime, this is Friday - so have a great one!



Smocha said...

Ha! The other day as I was making coffee i put the grounds in my cup ..instead of the coffee maker.

And "I" don't even have a high pressure job goin on.

Women can be a catty bunch of drama ...Lol

Men are much simpler. :)

What's the word on the apartment??

Have a great weekend !!

Mary said...

Good decision to stay in the city during your work-week. The commute is just too long - I would be tired and accident prone. Added benefit - someone else makes your bed and cleans your bathroom and floors.

I do not envy you the pain of learning to work with women. . especially in your field. I imagine there are more than a few prima donnas lurking there. You'll be able to tame them PDQ.

Portia said...

Aw, I hope you still enjoyed the meal:)

I hear you about working with women. (Some women, I guess, but seems to be a lot.) One reason I have loved my job here, with just my mom and the two lawyers, is that there is NO DRAMA. So many other places I have worked that drama becomes an endless waste of energy.

Sorry to hear you will have to be in a hotel for the week, but it certainly sounds like it will be easier on you than the commute.

I hope you have a great weekend!


I miss you too! Been so behind on my blogging rounds lately..

But I think you deserve a name like Jamie the Ritz Carlton.

Cattiness with broads-blah! That's why I've always found it easier to hang out with guys..broads take things so personal. :)

Happy friday!

Drama mommas ----I hope they stay clear of you in the workforce.

Brad said...

Take care sweets - and don't drink the syrup.

fiwa said...

Coffee on your pancakes? Dang, woman! Get thee some rest this weekend. :)

Hang in there -

ac said...

I'm so happy to hear you are going to stay in town next week. Your driving back and forth like that was KILLING ME.... hahahaha Ignore me. I'm being a butt head!

Seriously, I am really happy you aren't going to be doing all that driving. That was just toooo much! This will be much better for us both. ha! Hugs! ac

Cheryl said...

I hope you get some R&R this weekend--a chance to recharge your 'batteries'. Next week will be so much better without the commute.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh Jamie....working with a bunch of women SUCKS. I would rather work with guys any day. Women are such back-stabbers...its terrible. I'm not sure you can do much about it unless you fire one of them....that's always an attention getter. After that they'll calm down and take you seriously. Just be careful and watch your back...there's always ONE in every office that would throw her own mother under the bus if it meant a promotion. Big hugs. Get some rest!! Charlotte

Linda Ellerbee said...

hang in there.

just call me...

Linda Ellerbee