Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A tight squeeze

Both Mark and I are still alive, so that's a plus. Yesterday was a very long but good day. My interviews were mediocre at best, and I have to go back again on Monday to meet with the temp agency. UGH...really, it would be cheaper to move already than continue to keep driving back and forth. I have to re-test while I'm there Monday, I was NOT happy with the results of the one that I took yesterday. I'm still pissed off, at myself, at the test, at the whole experience. Yes, I have been an accountant for the past ten years. Does that mean that I should remember what the salary cap was on social security contributions in the year 2005? Good heavens, the IRS has a website, if I ever needed to look that up, I know where to find that information...but I guess that does not make me an accountant. any event, me being the over achiever that I am, I will retake the damned thing on Monday, and see what I can do. Maybe I'm not their idea of an accountant. Maybe I'm just kidding myself. Hell, who knows?

Mark had a good interview and has to go back today. He is considering sales, something he has never done, and something I believe he would be good at, once he has the confidence to know what he is doing. Sales is where the money is, always has been, and I want him to make ALOT of money so that I don't have to. HA! Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Today, it's the ICS for me. The weather is warm these past couple of days, so the business will be better, if you don't count the wind that is threatening to blow us all off the face of the earth.

I must apologize for my lack of time in getting to your blogs, believe me, I will. I have alot to do for the interview that I have tomorrow, I have been given an assignment to come up with a business plan to squeeze out that "last hundred feet of profitability". Hmmm...I can easily do this, but I can't help but wonder how many applicants have been given the same assignment, and if the owner really plays her cards right, she could essentially have the answer to all of her problems right in front of her, and never have to hire anyone. That would really be pretty crafty of her, and you know, I have to do this or I will not be considered, but why should I give myself and my ideas away? The proverbial rock and hard spot...and place I guess I should be growing accustomed to.

Hope your day is wonderful. I'll be back. :)


Rebecca said...

Wow, I've been there...job applicants as free consultants! Sheesh. Good luck on retaking the test. In my opinion, it is more important to know where to find answers than to know all the answers, but that's just me.

Hope Mark gets the gig he's got a 2nd interview for and that you sling lots of ice cream today. Glad some warmer weather has come your way :)


bonnie said...

Bravo to you both for plugging away. This is an important time where you can create your future newly. When my husband, Steve, made the switch from carpentry to sales our lives completely changed. He started out with something pretty lame, but it got him in the door and he built his sales skills. It is where the money is, no question.

Brad said...


Jay & I were talking last night. We're trying to gently move our business partners wife out of the business (passive agressive type and a bit of a whack job) But we can't do it till we find a good ACCOUNTANT !

***wanders off to corner and beats head on wall***

Portia said...

You are doing great at plugging away and getting things done, and I know it will pay off soon. I am confident that you are NOT kidding yourself about your abilities as an accountant. People are just crazy that way, we have to work around it:) Best of luck to Mark, and you on retaking those tests, now that you know what to expect I bet you'll make yourself proud. You made a good point about the lady asking for ideas from her prospective employees... that would be a pretty low way to dupe somebody.
I hope today is going good too:)

ac said...

I can't add two and two. I think you got my share of math skills.