Friday, April 25, 2008

Step right up

Today is the BIG sale, and it's freaking monsooning outside, lovely. Just lovely.

I have a lot to do this morning, and I will have to cut this short. I hope that you are all fine, I feel really, really bad that I haven't been visiting you all the way I should, I promise I will get that corrected soon. I have not had a minute this past week, or the one before, actually. I am still hopeful about the job, I went yesterday for a second interview, it certainly FEELS like mine, but that doesn't really mean anything. So, the waiting continues.

My poor sister has to be worn all the way out.

Have a wonderful Friday. :)


Amanda said...

Oh no...rain! Good luck anyway!

Foster Communications said...

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day....

My fingers are crossed for you about the job!

Mary said...

I don't know how you managed to get everything done so quickly. Hope the sale goes well. Thinking of you and picturing a happy sale day. . . even in the rain.

Portia said...

Sounds like quite the week, I'm so glad you had your sister there to help you! I hope all goes well today and tomorrow.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Praying for your new job :)

SOUL: said...

i'm assuming your day is over-- and hoping it went very well, and ended dry , with yo pockets FULL o' cash from the sale !!! ???

have a good evening, i bet you're exhausted -


Gypsy said...

Like Soul said, the sale must be over by now. Hope it was a spectacular success and 3 cheers for Trav. She sounds like a godsend.

Fingers crossed for the job that we're not going to mention. xxx

Brad said...

I hope the weather did suck ALL day. Looking forward to hearing how it went. Yard sales are always good for story material - they bring out the oddest ducks in town. (like me!)

Brad said...


-dang it

Kelly Jene said...

I sure hope the rain lets up! And don't worry about us, if someone can't figure out you're busy then there's some screws loose!!

Love ya!


rain washes the past away, and helps us regrow our energy.

here, have a beer! I love can have whatever is in my fridge.
michelob coming right up. :)

fiwa said...

Some people will still garage sale, even if it's raining. I hope you had a ton of people and sell all the rest today.


Summer said...

LOL @ Brad!

How did it go?