Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Re-post....

I posted this back in December....and since we are on the subject of lists of things about us...I thought I would repost. These were originally two posts:

I hate winter. It's long and ugly.
I do NOT believe in the death penalty.
I am a size eight, but I like being a size six better.
I drink two or three beers most evenings.
If I didn't I would still be a size six.
I only drink coffee, water, club soda and beer.
I really like turkey and chicken,
I generally don't eat red meat.
I don't like ice cream.
I love to cook, when I don't have to.
Sometimes my brain will not work. At all.
I have big feet.
And skinny legs.

I love all animals, and cannot listen to any hunting stories.
I hit a deer once, and i felt worse for the deer than I did for my car.
I grow really long fingernails, one of the few things I do really well.
I have big ears.
I love all music, but I feel country music in my gut.
I can sing well.
I lived with my grandmother when I was small, and there was no indoor plumbing.
I do not like snakes or bugs.
I feel guilty when I kill a bug, I always worry that their mothers will be looking for them.
I am tall and always wanted to be short.
I do not like short men.
I love to dance.
I once won a dance contest, dancing with some dude I had never seen before.
I made out with Dwight Yokum before he was famous.
I saw Elvis in concert a few months before he died.
I am addicted to auto racing.
I think more like a man than a woman.
I can hang bracelets on my nose and they will not fall off.
I have more grey hair now than I do black.
I am part indian, one eighth, I think. Cherokee.
I can be full of shit, but I resent talking to most people.
I made beautiful, smart children. (okay, I had a little help)
I honestly believe that anything is possible.
I have learned that murphy's law generally applies.
I believe that I have lived before, and that I fell from a high place and drowned.
I had a ghost in my house once.
I think that if you don't get it right the first time, you will be back over and over.
I believe in Heaven and hell.
I believe in God.
That's enough about me, what about you?

I hate temper fits.
I love egg sandwiches.
I've always wanted to be african-american.
I would give away most anything.
I am hungry, currently.
I really don't like to travel much.
I can only think of a few places that i would actually take the time and trouble to go to.
I hate cleaning but can't deal with being in a dirty place.
I want a dog.
I want a llama.
I want a kitten.
I HATE shopping, for anything.
I love cool pens and paper and pencils.
I once ate a chocolate covered ant.
I would smoke marijuana if it were legal.
I love Missouri.
I love Tennessee.
I don't love the ocean.
I don't like to drive over bridges.
My house needs dusted. really bad.
I dated dozens of guys in high school, and never slept with any of them.
I really BELIEVED that my mother would kill me if I got pregnant.
I rarely went out on second dates.
I take pictures constantly but cannot look at past photo albums of my life because they make me cry.
I smoke and want to quit.
I despise paying bills.
I want to learn to roller blade.
My kids find me embarrassing, sometimes.
The beauty of the grand canyon made me cry.
There is no such thing as a comfortable bra, sorry mom-I don't care what Oprah says.
I love thunderstorms.
I want to experience a hurricane.
Tornado's scare the hell out of me.
I cannot chew gum.
I am addicted to altoids.
I had a pet duck once. Murphy.
I love giraffes.
I love teddy bears.
I sleep with one.
I think underwear is stupid.
I would do ANYTHING not to vomit.
I used to be a good speller.
I love to read fiction, but I cannot stand a paperback book.
I spend a ridiculous amount of money on hardback books.
I cannot look at a dead animal on the road.
I think that's enough.


SOUL: said...

I LOVE THIS! i'm learning so much about you lately! first your face! (rather than your eye)lol
now all these loves, likes, hates, do's , don'ts... WOW....
it would take me an hour to go back through the list and compare notes...
but, you don't know how glad i am that you smoke! i know, that sounds HORRIBLE... but everyone hates me for smoking... now i don't feel so alone. (am i retarded or what!)

man there were sooooo many things you said that i wanted to comment on, but i just can't remember shit right now. i'll come back when i have more time. btw..
what is your email? mine is linked on my profile... email me?
see ya
have a great day

Anonymous said...

Wow... I liked the cool pens, paper and stationery stuff.. I can spend HOURS there... Do tell about the ghost in ur house!

CCC said...

Wow, we've got a lot in common. Too much to list. :D

I don't like to travel much either. Funny eh? Most people do!

SOUL: said...

oh i remembered something... i knew someone..well i would still know her..cuz she was like one of my best friends ever..but she died...but that's for another day... but anyhow
she had met dwight yokum in bakersfield california... she said he was a total ass. i guess money changes a lot eh?
still cool you went out with him. i do like his music.
ok gotta go get off my arse and clean and pay bills etc. i don't wanna!

Josie Two Shoes said...

This is an AMAZING piece Jamie, chock full of glimpses into who you are! I love the way you put it together, almost like a poem! Can we just send back a check-off list of all the ones we'd like to hear more about?? :-) Did you write this all at one sitting, or were the thoughts collected over time? It is SO COOL! And I just had to smile at you worrying about bug's mamas - yup, that's our Jamie! :-)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Have you ever noticed how similar many of us in our little blogging circle are in many ways? No one could have put a better "therapy group" together by intent! LOL It makes me wonder if blogging attracts a certain kind of person, or if it is just the way we blog that attracted us to each other, or - as I believe- if it was by divine intervention. I think we were supposed to meet up here! :-)

Josie Two Shoes said...

An hey, I definitely think we should drag CC to our "Bermuda Triangle" meet up - I want to meet her!! :-)

LastStand said...

I love making lists. Last night I thought about going back and connecting them all with a common list tag and I think now I will.

I relate to so much of your list, especially the smoking but wanting to quit part. Also, I love hurricanes. Living in Virigina we went through several and I loved them.

Amanda said...

Love this list! And I hate the winter too.

Pen and the Sword said...

Yes. Yes. and Yes.

I can completely identify with a whole lot of what goes on in your mind ;o)

simonsays said...

Thanks to all of you that took the time to read this boring list...and yes girls, I think CCC would be a good addition. I have had a particularly rough day, I will check in with you all tomorrow. I hope each of you have had a great Sunday.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Jamie, I would love to have your email if you're sharing. Mine is I'm sorry you had such a shitty day, and I sure do understand the need to just shut down and regroup for the night. Praying for a better day tomorrow for you!