Monday, July 16, 2007

History...Part 3

Hang in there, readers, there really is a point to this story. At least for me. Also, it really does prove that sometimes Truth IS Stranger Than Fiction.

Anyway, I was quite surprised at Dorothy's attitude. She blamed ME that she had been stuck in that place. I got the hell out of that hospital as soon as I could. I spent the rest of that weekend taking care of my dad, and honestly enjoying his company. I was amazed at the relationship we were beginning to have. As far as the situation with my stepmother, I had nothing to do with it. I had not been involved in their lives for quite some time, and she was "placed" at the hospital before I arrived the second time. I discussed this with my dad, and he said that she was really in bad shape, but that hopefully her thinking would improve with medication. I was surprised at the loving way he spoke of her, and I really thought that maybe he was learning how to care about people.

Over the next few months, H and I or just me, by myself made more than twenty-five trips to visit. His attitude remained good....and he did not believe that he was going to die. I spent the best times with him, early in the mornings, before anyone else would be awake. Dorothy had returned home within a week, and she seemed to be doing better, as well, as long as she remained on her medication. He still had several people in all the time to help them, the friends i originally spoke about, Barbara-Dorothy's sister, etc., and they all worked very hard to get them to dr appointments, bring food, help with cleaning. He told me numerous times that he loved me, and wished very much that things between us had been different. That was all that was ever spoken at that time about our past, and i felt it was enough. To use his favorite expression...."what is, is." , or was, in this case.

At one point, the friends told me that he had gone to his attorney to put legal affairs in order, just in case. Sarah, the female half of the couple, went along with him. She sat there as he told the lawyer, that in the event of his death, he wanted me taken well care of, and when Dorothy died, the bulk of his estate would go to me, since I was his only child, and she had none. She also only had one sister, and a few nieces and nephews left---no one else. The attorney agreed to get things drawn up asap. They also spoke of the possible need in the future of Dorothy needing a power of attorney, should her disease progress any further, and should that happen after his death, then Barbara or I would be the natural choice. He told the lawyer that the two of them had discussed this previously, and that Dorothy had agreed.

To be continued....

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i ended up reading these last few backwards... did she get a power of attorney?
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