Sunday, June 03, 2007

Short but.....sweet?

Good Heavens, I am happy it's Sunday. I am going to be a vegtable---after I take a walk----and watch a (hopefully) great nascar race on the tele. I am tired and not feeling the greatest, which i HOPE is because I have probably overdone it this weekend. But i have had a great time, and it has been very worth it. How has your weekend been? Over and Out.


evalinn said...

I´m tired too...and I´m here by myself at work when the sun is shining outside. But I´m off to the waterfront now, to enjoy the spring that finally has arrived!

Amanda said...

Kinda emotional, too much work, but it was all necessary. It's another 10 days or so till we leave. Gotta tie them loose ends.

Mike M said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more!!

SOULMANGE: said...

what was the question?
my senile!
oh.. i remember.... it's thunderstorming. and ruining all plans for the day. so, i'm a little bummed. i did not want to be a lazy slug today, but it loooks like that is what my plan of the day will be.
hopefully you can be a lazy slug as well !
have a good one!

simonsays said...

Amanda, where are you going? I assume you mean on vacation...ohh, that sounds wonderful...I don't care where you are going, can I go, too?

Evalinn---have a great time!

Soul- it HAS been raining in Texas forever... a real drag. Hopefully you can find something inside to do. :)

Hey Mike, welcome!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Well, my day has been to say the least, interesting! But I also go my walk in between thunder showers. Another weekend over, 6 AM alarm tomorrow. An hour to bedtime, just enough time for a little blog reading. :-)

SOUL: said...

good heavens
holy hell
happy new year!